RBN Web Services

RBN Web Services is a website designer, hosting company and a technical support provider for small and medium sized enterprises. We are located in Huron County, Ontario. We are friendly and easy to work with. We are able to help you with your website and are able to help you grow your business.

We offer a digital marketing service for clients who wish to go the next step to reach into the marketplace to attract new clients, or offer an enhanced customer experience.

Regardless the level of service you need from us, be assured that everything we do focuses on making your website work the way you always hoped it would!


What we provide

Since 2006, RBN Web Services has been Huron County's premier website developer. We offer experience, design and the know-how to make your website do what you hoped it would do for you.

Website Design, Hosting & Technical Support
  • We design websites to deliver a professional look. If your business has outgrown a do-it-yourself or "old-timey" look, then so should your website.  
  • Our websites are mobile friendly. The website detects visitor screen size and reformats the site to fit the screen perfectly.

  • Our website design includes "under the hood" functionality which is search engine friendly. You want to be seen online but in a more competitive digital world you need to have the tools to deliver results.
  • Our designs can be as media rich as you like. Animations, movement, videos and vibrant pictures can help to engage website visitors.
  • Easy navigation to content is a key ingredient in the website design. Website visitors need to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.
  • RBN can provide all the services you need so you don't have to worry about the technical issues with a website. We do the backups, provide the technical updates and if you wish we will do webmaster work to keep your website content up to date. If you prefer to maintain your content, we provide an easy to use content management system with training support if needed.
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Digital Marketing Services
  • A good website needs a marketing strategy to deliver results. RBN provides marketing services as needed. You can hire us to become your part time marketing department.
  • We can edit your website copy to deliver better search engine results.
  • We can monitor and share your website results with Google Analytics. Is your website getting the right online traffic to deliver results?
  • Our website designs can include features to engage your customers such as providing MailChimp newsletter integration or Push Notifications to notify visitors in their mobile devices about important news - without them having to actually open your site.
  • Social Media Marketing can be built right into your website. RBN is able to go one step further and will manage your social media platforms, measure results and design promotion campaigns.
  • Paid Ads Marketing is also part of what we do. We can design and monitor your ad campaigns. The digital world allows you to "take aim" at your target market. This can be very cost effective advertising.
  • Let us know what you need and we will advise you on how to move forward!