Appearance and functionality is particularly important for Essentially Lavender, a destination lavender farm in Bruce County, Ontario. The business is diverse, offering gardens, tours, accommodations and natural, small batch lavender products.

The Old Website

The old website was a Weebly site that lacked the professional look and functionality to properly present this unique business.

The New Website

Essentially Lavender had done a great job on developing their branding.  This includes several videos that really tell the story. What was needed was a website that could pull all this together.  The new website includes:

  • Video embedded in various places of the website,
  • A new events page that includes the Essentially Lavender Facebook feed. This allows the Facebook updates to be presented automatically on the new website, without need of any additional work,
  • As with many Huron and Bruce county businesses, Essentially Lavender is using Square in their store and also uses Square to complete online purchases.  Unfortunately the Square storefront website is very basic.  The new website allows better space for product descriptions and graphics.  The customer can now get all the product information they need, and then complete the online transaction on Square.  Problem solved.
Home Page
home page


If you too are using Square in your business, have a look at what we have done to improve online sales.