Making the Choice

The Benefits of Online verses Print

Black & White 


  • business card sized ad - $50 per week
  • limited contact information - due to size
  • design - normally black & white only
  • audience-only local people will see your ad
  • expiry date of your ad - comes up quickly
  • distribution of your ad is limited
  • ad changes are not possible
  • editing ability - not possible
  • ad effectiveness - you never really know


Your Online Content - Using a modern community website like CommunityWebLine

  • multiple web page add - $10 per week
  • all contact info with links to your website & social media
  • design - full colour, customized to your branding/image
  • local & global, including social media will see your ad
  • ad is available 24/7 & never expires (your choice to delete)
  • Search Engine Optimization - you are seen local & global
  • changing & updating your ad is always possible
  • ads can be changed anytime by yourself or RBN Web
  • can be measured by the amount of web traffic to your site