How Websites Take BIA'S Forward !

Business Improvement Association Boards recognize that a good website is a core asset to communicate with the member businesses, as well as the general public.  The website needs to be able to reach out to the membership to communicate policy and invite member participation. Simple website designs, with professional, captivating content can accomplish this.  You want to show your members, that Business Improvements are ' Inevitable '. 

Delivering Value to Your BIA Members

If your intention is to deliver more “digital value’ to your BIA members, a good business directory is essential. Simple directories will deliver basic listing content such as contact information, hours of operation, and category descriptions. 
Most BIA websites have directories, but unfortunately are not considered valuable by the member since individual listings are usually invisible to the search engines, or do not deliver helpful information when potential customers visit the page.

A Robust Directory Can Deliver Tangible Benefits to Individual BIA Members

RBN Web Services pioneered and perfected a listing concept that allows BIA members to have a fully customized, attractive “min-website” that is search engine optimized, and able to deliver customers to their doorstep.  The collective effort of each member’s site invites greater digital visibility for all. Members can promote their events, articles, and publish online ads in numerous different ways that enhance the website engagement with the local community.

Support Services:

A BIA website that has a lot of activity also has many “moving parts” that need to be maintained. RBN offers a full list of services including hosting, technical assistance, training, and full webmaster support if needed. We can assist your marketing department or be your marketing department. We have a vast selection of choices for digital solutions which can be implemented quickly following our first complimentary meeting.

RBN Web Services Boasts many types of websites , as well as all mentioned above.  There is always a solution to your BIA needs.

Good, reliable support services are the secret sauce that makes your digital strategy work. Many folks build websites. RBN builds them and uses our 10 years of BIA experience to custom make a solution that fits your region, your clientele, and the market you want to target.  When building business with passion, you draw the great networking and connections for your BIA.  Your members will thank you for expanding the vision and implementing fresh, innovative ideas to the plan for their/your region.  We believe community is about 'unity' and we look forward to brainstorming with the leaders in your area.

The Cost

It’s tough for a BIA Board to decide on a supplier.  Most board member’s do not know much about websites other than price. You can choose a “low-cost” amateur site, or you can hire a professional that is familiar with all the challenges and opportunities of a BIA.  
We think hiring a professional is less expensive. If you get it done right, you will not have to start again in three years time.