Wingham, Ontario

Downtown cores serviced by BIA's (Business Improvement Associations) in small towns and city neighbourhoods have been negatively impacted by big on-line store competitors like Amazon. Local store-owners complain that shoppers come in to their store to look, but do not buy. Many of these shoppers go home, price compare named brands, and then buy online. How can local business compete?

Small town retailers have discovered that they too must be on-line to offer their goods with the same 24/7, good or bad weather convenience. In places like Huron County where the occasional winter snow shuts down the roads, an on-line store can become essential. 

Setting up an on-line store can be intimidating, and without expert help, it can be expensive. There are many questions to ask, and when help is needed, local support counts for a lot.

RBN Web Services has been setting up on-line stores in Huron County.  We will set up an attractive, customized on-line store. Every business has it's own particular way of doing business, so this needs to be reflected in a flexible website design that shows off your brand, style and product line. We then provide full local website support from our office in Clinton. We will train you to manage your store-front, and coach you whenever needed. 

RBN Web Services is a full spectrum marketing services company, that helps businesses achieve their objectives. Contact RBN for a free initial consultation.

Here are a few recent Huron County on-line stores in Exeter, Wingham and Clinton, Ontario