This website project brings leading edge technology to honour and remember the Huron County fallen in both world wars and the recent conflict in Afghanistan.

The website is a community project to make known the biographical information for each of the 716 Huron County fallen etched on the stones at local cenotaphs. Website visitors are able to learn about the person behind the name, view where they served, fell and are interred. The site allows families to share pictures, letters from the front, and other memorabilia to help keep alive their memory.

The website content continues to expand as each Huron County cenotaph is serviced.

This project also includes the publication of additional copies of the World War Two book, "The Men of Huron" (by local author Jim Rutledge) and the publication of a new book (co-authored by Jeanette Elliott) "Heroes of Huron" which provides details on Huron County's Word War One fallen.