Online Marketing

The majority of web visits to a well designed website come from organic searches delivered by Google, Bing or other popular search engines. To a lesser extent your social media posts can also drive traffic to your website. In either case you need to be aware that your website is the final destination before people decide to get in touch with you. and online ads can do the same, and that is to drive traffic to your website where the fuller story can be told.

Analyzing your online effectiveness

RBN embeds into it's website designs, Google Analytics to track your website traffic. This tool is your score board to measure your website success. This data can tell you from which geographic area your website traffic came from. It shows what pages they visited in the sequence they visited the pages.  It tells you how long they were on your website and how they got there. Did they find you with an organic search engine search, through social media or online ad?

This data is provides very important clues on how the improve your digital marketing strategy. If this is all new to you, RBN is able to help you interpret the data and help formulate your online gameplan.


Developing effective content copy

As the web evolves and becomes more sophisticated, more care needs to be taken in developing your website narrative. Search engines are now using artificial intelligence to try to make sense of your webpages. Gone are the days when web developers tried to pepper pages with keywords that are out of place - put there only to receive better search engine results. Your content should be clear, to the point and hierarchical in structure.

Attractive websites often fall down on this point.  RBN offers a copy editing service to improve site navigation and search engine results.

ad campaign
Developing Social Media content and designing paid ad campaigns

Ideally, your website and social media content should "partner" in your effort to get the message out. RBN offers a service to do this. We can include operating as your part-time marketing department, developing the graphics, campaigns and social media posts. We then use our Google Analytic tools to measure progress.

For anyone who wants to reach out into the marketplace with paid online ads, we are able to set these up for you.