web optimization
Designed for performance

There are many components that work together to produce a successful website.  Here are a few:

  • We review your website loading speed to ensure it receives favourable treatment by search engines. If your page design is causing problems we will advise you on possible solutions.
  • Search engine technology is rapidly advancing and using artificial intelligence to review website pages. This means your text copy needs to be edited carefully.
  • Website media such as pictures and video content is formatted to load quickly into your browser.
  • Our websites are formatted to reconfigure the pages for proper viewing on any sized screen. Images and other content will always look good on a smart phone.
  • Our hosted websites are provided an SSL certificate for security and improved search engine rankings.
Updating your website

To keep your website in peak condition, RBN regularly updates it's websites to keep the technology current. 

  • We update website module components regularly to maintain security and functionality.
  • The website site map is updated regularly.
  • We maintain website backups.
  • If you are updating your website, we have provided an easy to use content management system for you.  If you are having problems, we are available to hep guide you to success.
  • If you would like RBN to act as your webmaster, updating your content for you, we are available to provide that service as well.