First Impressions

Your website home page needs to display the very best "you" to reflect your branding and values. That means defining who you are in attractive ways so that website visitors are persuaded to stay on your site longer to discover what your website is about. 

Website Navigation

The next design consideration is ease of navigation to guide website visitors to the information they are looking for, in as few steps as possible. This means the home landing page should be as uncluttered as possible, inviting visitors to click on the next logical link. 

The next page should satisfy the information requirement and then introduce something more in a dynamic way to invite continued website engagement. 

Canada Geese
Website Loading Speed

An uncluttered home page can help your website load quickly into a visitors browser. This feature will give your website search engine "brownie points" and improve your site's online visibility. Slow loading times can be a disaster when smart phone visitors lose patience and find another site to visit. A modern website needs to be mobile friendly in every respect.  Otherwise the search engines will penalize the site and give it a low ranking.

under the hood
The Things You Can't See

So what's "under the hood" with your website?

There are many factors that you will not see in your browser, but are huge influencers in your search engine ranking. Search engine tools such as a regularly updated site map, meta data, tags and url aliases will help direct your message to your target audience.

It's important to have an easy to use content management system to encourage timely website updates. 

RBN Web Services builds all these features into our website designs.